Its exciting when you buy quilting fabric, thinking of a new sewing project or simply it’s beautiful and you have to have it!  Your parcel must also reach you in perfect condition so needs some packaging to protect against the elements! Trying to find a happy balance with packaging is oneContinue Reading

Layer cakes

Unique to Planet Quilts, you can now make up a Layer Cake of your own fabric choices.  The drop down menu on any fabric allows you to select this option.  You will receive four 10” squares in the fabric of your choice.  You can choose as many fabrics as youContinue Reading


The following BBC article about this unusual ancient fabric is a rather interesting read.  In late 18th-Century Europe, a new fashion led to an international scandal. In fact, an entire social class was accused of appearing in public naked. The culprit was Dhaka muslin, a precious fabric imported from the cityContinue Reading