Planet Quilts

Launched in January 2022 is an online emporium of fabrics, patterns & premium threads.  We aim to create a quilting business that, at its heart, tries to make better decisions regarding our planet.  

      Our packaging will be as recyclable, even compostable in some cases, as possible. 

      Our ‘One Time Only’ ranges are fabric that already exists from the shelves of Patchfinders, our physical shop in Poynton, Cheshire. Typically one offs, when they’re gone they’re gone!

      When we do create a new order for fabric from a manufacturer, it must be pretty special.  The kind of fabric that inspires you to create a much loved quilt which will be around for years to come.  

      We aim to promote the use of organic fabric and to create more demand with manufacturers that organic fabric should be industry standard when printing new ranges.  

about us

Planet Quilts

We would not be where is it today without our association with Patchfinders.  We work closely with Patchfinders to bring you their fabric ranges online.  We complement the fabric online with lots of patterns and projects to inspire you, whether you are a beginner or experienced.  

 So often it’s not only about the quilting, but also about the people.  We are so lucky to have the physical shop where workshops take place and groups meet up.  We understand it’s not always possible for everyone to visit the shop.  Planet Quilts aims to bring the magic of the shop online to offer an inspiring creative community.  Let’s start our journey creating this together.    

 That’s the philosophy we are working towards, we may not always get it right, but will learn and continue. 

Oh, and by the way I’m Holly, pleased to meet you x